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Willow wicker fences| Danish made willow wicker fences

Forget about the home improvement retailers’ poorly made willow wicker fences. We have specialized in manufacturing well made and aesthetically attractive fences with a unique finish, great strength and a long lifespan. Either Classic Fences made with vertical willow or horisontally woven like our Traditional Hurdles.

With more than 30 years of experience with growing willows and weaving willow wicker fences our feet are firmly plantet in the northeren Danish willow soil. The willows that we use to make our willow fences come from our own plantations in northeren Denmark.

Fences made from willow wicker – meandering hurdles for a tight design

The Traditional Willow hurdle

The traditional hurdle is woven ‘on site’ – and we recommend the use of debarked willow stems to enhance longevity. Horizontally woven willow stems are more exposed in regards to their longevity, especially if the stems are barked. A beautiful patina is achievable with debarked willow stems, and rain and moist does not accumulate on the stem. That makes the dry faster, which is one of the main way på achieving a long life span. Maintenance of the hurdle consists of adding new stems from the top, when the bottom stems begin to sink together over time.

You are very welcome to either give us a call or write us an e-mail, if you want to know more – You can also see the Traditional Willow Hurdles here.

The Classic Willow Wicker fence

The classic willow wicker fence has been upgraded and refined to a modern Scandinavian design. We use heavy duty and strong willow stems and the frame is partly made of steel and oak or lark. That ensures an exclusive design and a durable construction a long life span

You are very welcome to either give us a call or write us an e-mail, if you want to know more – You can also see the Classic Willow Wicker fences here.

The French Chestnut Fence

In addition to our own hurdles and fences, we also have a partnership with our French counterpart, who specialises in chestnut fences. That allows us to deliver very beautiful chestnut fences from france.

You are very welcome to either give us a call or write us an e-mail, if you want to know more – You can also see the French Chestnut Fences here.

What does a willow fence cost?

The price depends on the type of fence, you choose.

If you choose the traditional willow fence, the fence has to be assembled on location. We do also deliver complete #DIY packages with a comprehensive manual. These packages include willow stems that are up to 220 centimeters long, which will be enough make 40 cm tall fence. Two #DIY packages will make a hurdle that is 220 centimenters long and 80 centimeters tall.

The Classic Willow Fence is delivered as a complete and assembled fence section. The section measures 120 centimeters wide and 180 centimeters tall.

One of our specialities is delivering fence sections in custom measurements. In that case you will have to call us or write us an e-mail in order to get the price of the finished fence.

What are the benefits of chosen a willow hurdle or a willow wicker fence?

Our design and it’s craftsmanship is like nothing else on the market, when it comes to sound barriers and willow wicker fences. We are awarded The Danish Design Award, and we see it as an honor to make our products available at what we call democratic prices, where design and manufacturing as well as the product’s life spand is taken into account in order to ensure a fair price.

Products with a long life spand that age with grace of nature is an investment that gives many years of enjoyment. Particularly facades made of willow has the advantage of the intact stems not aging like cut up wood, which cracks and needs wood protection. Intact willow stems has an unbroken surface that is going to age beautifully.

One of the ways we work towards an environmentally sustainable design is our maintenance strategy. PileByg’s fences and hurdles does not require any maintenance. We only recommend planting with evergreens and other low-maintenance plantings. That will increase the biodiversity and make the fence an active co2 binder.

Our products are grown and manufactured in Denmark with respect for flora, fauna, humans and the culturally historical buildings where our production takes place. Tradition for craftsmanship and innovation is for us one and the same thing, and we have more than  30 years of experience with manufacturing and processing of products made from willow for buyers at home and abroad; State, industry and private buyers.

No or only a minimal amount of chemicals is used during the products life time, and 5500 tons of CO2 is stored in our fast growing forests every year. 9 of  the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals are a part of our work. A documented cut to carbon emissions is an integrated of our work and our products.

You are always welcome to give us a call or write us an e-mail, if you need help or advice.


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