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You can find PileByg at Villerup Hovedgaard and Hvidstedgaard Estates, located in North Jutland. We are a team of committed people with a unique knowledge of growing and processing of the willow tree.

Danish design – danish production

The oldest finds of wickerwork were made in debarked willow – and go back to Roman Iron Age. The first known Danish basket was also made of debarked willow and is from around 350. When we expect a three times longer life expectancy on the debarked willow than that of the barked willow – we take our outset in historical data gathered through centuries.

The historical willow tree is the leading force in PileByg’s development work. We take great joy in selecting varieties of Salix, in refining and processing the material – and delivering premium branded products with a beautiful finish and an exclusive look. From the very moment we have completed our work and during the products total longevity.

Sustainability is part of our DNA

9 of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals are included in our daily work. From the selection and manufacturing of the material – to the finished product and its maintenance, we work with the aim to ensure a minimal use of energy and emissions of CO2 as well as the use of chemicals; and we always think of the product’s total life cycle.

In fact, we have noise screens and acousic barriers with living facades that can stand along the roads and absorb CO2 – all while they absorb the noise. In our willow plantations, 5500 tons of CO2 are stored annually.

Tradition and innovation

We maintain a tradition for good craftsmanship and innovation – it is one and the same. PileByg’s noise screens and sound barriers are a patented design, and a unique solution to dampen traffic noise. We are also involved in the development of biological coastal protection; the first project has just been realized at Nr. Lyngby. We have also developed new technology for debarking large willow rods and made a system for heat treatment of willow tree..