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New Nordic design in willow

Living willow changes color with the season; green shades during the growing season, brown, gray-green or reddish in the winter months; small or large leaves. New growth every year provides eternal development and change.

New Nordic Facades and elements

Carefully processed and uncut rods of willow; supplied for mounting in unique designs or as finished facade elements.

The willow rods provide an organic and unique look in warm or cool shades depending on the type of willow and finish selected. The rods appear as whole and uncut stems, and in that way they obtain a special attraction. Cut wood as boards and slats will easily crack and call for maintenance.

As a building and facade material, the rods have the same ability to contribute with an organic touch – a kind of personality to a building, as also known from buildings in brick, stone and wood in general.

Produced in Denmark

NEW NORDIC facades is a Danish design which is actually also produced in Denmark! The first, groundbreaking project is available at Villerup Hovedgaard at Hjørring. Realdania has awarded the work of the campaign: The Manor of the Future – Preservation of the cultural-historical building heritage.

Restoration architect Jesper Back, partner and CEO at E + N Architecture has been the chief architect for the use of Salix at Villerup Hovedgaard.


The Installation principle for the stems can be adapted to the individual project; the stems can be braided, screwed, stitched, sewn or glued – and the technique used can be advantageously incorporated into the design; the combination of the materials used can also be an attractive feature. LED lights or other lighting also offer new opportunities. We are ready with advice on the possibilities for use in relation to assembly.


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