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Fahlenkamp Noise shields

  • Environmentally friendly wooden noise screens that provide optimal absorption and noise reduction
  • Produced in Germany, CE-certified and otherwise tested according to German standards.
  • Can be delivered up to 8 meters high; ideal for railways, industry and large infrastructure
  • Simple and classic designs; wooden facades that patina beautifully and require minimal or no maintenance.

We sell Fahlenkamp classic wooden screens because

Fahlenkamp is a company with more than 150 years of experience in processing wood; we can learn something – and they nicely complement our nature screens with willow facades.

Classic wooden noise screens can achieve a long life and strength, provided that the design and manufacture is done with respect for the properties of the wood. Here, Fahlenkamp has a unique know-how and a patent for strong solutions.

Fahlenkamp shares our values ​​of ensuring sustainable production and realizing climate benefits by using both in wood. Everything is produced in Germany and according to certified quality procedures.

Minimal use of chemicals in the total lifetime of the product.

The noise screens provide optimal noise attenuation and are approved in category A4/B3 and have an Rw value of 34 dB.


A nature-like and rough, uneven facade does not encourage graffiti, and experience shows that where graffiti has been attempted on PileByg facades, the vandal has given up. It does not work to paint on the willow braid. The paint disappears into the raw facade. Experience also shows that the natural aging of the facade, which is part of the unique design of PileByg noise screens, ensures that graffiti is eroded away by wind and weather.


All of our materials can be used