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Awarded design from
a world of willows

From the plantations at Villerup Hovedgaard;
harvested and refined willows to be applied in built environment and infrastructure,
rural or urban.

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Who is PileByg?

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We cultivate and refine willows

Nature brought to sound barriers, buildings and interor design

PileByg is an international, professional supplier of CE-certified sound barriers and noise barriers - and in the tradition of the NEW NORDIC we develop facades, fences and shielding for built environment and open landscape.

Combining new technology with knowledge of traditional hand craft ensures that the design in willow meets current requirements for supplies to modern infrastructure and architecture. PileByg has, among other things developed new technology for debarking and heat treatment of willows. THis more than anything adds to a long life expectancy and material stability. Designs for outdoor application is made to 'go old' beautifully, allowing the wind and weather to 'polish' the surfaces so as to showing a smooth, bright and grey patina. The application of willows seldomly holds any construction bearing function; all bearing parts are produced in either steel og plantation grown hardwoods such as robinia.

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Danish production

We have more than 30 years of experience with cultivation and processing of willow for clients in Denmark and abroad, both public and private. We have been acknowledged and awarded, to mention a few: The Danish Design Award; Realdanias Award for 'Agricultura Estates of the Future'; The Danish Road Directorates Recommendation for "Beautiful Roads".


Sustainable Development Goals

In all aspects of cultivation and processing, from the field to the final product, we apply the ethics of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We plan to ensure a minimum use of energy and chemistry; a low carbon footprint is crucial, and we always apply the logics of Life Cycles analyses in development of our products.


Tradition and innovation

Craftmanship and innovation are the drivers for all of us working in PileByg. Of current projects we have the development of a Climate Sound barrier in cooperation with the University of Copenhagen and The Danish Institute of Technology. The aim is to build a noise barrier which also works as a rainwater container during heavy rainfalls to avoid flooding in the cities. Biological coast protection is another innovation from PileByg – developed in cooperation with the company Groundplug International.

From the willow fields at Villerup Hovedgaard

We bring Nature
into architecture and infrastructure

Since the coming of Civilization, the willow tree has been harvested for multiple purposes. Taking an outset in the history of the willow tree, we have great joy in developing new products in contemporary design with modern functionality.

Sound barriers and Noise barriers

We have 30 years of experience with development of efficient soundbarriers and noise fences, each project is made to suit the site, whether in rural or urban surroundings. Both technical performance, such as sound abatement, both insulation and absoprtion - and the aesthetics of the design, is carefully planned.

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Fences and hurddles

Our specialty is to produce beautiful and perfectly made fences. A PileByg fence or hurddle is known for its unique finish, huge strength and long life expectancy.

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Facades and buildings

We deliver unique facades for buildings in the tradition of New Nordic architecture. However, we apply whole and uncut willow stems; a very different material than cut panels of wood. The uncut surface of wood leaves a smooth and delicate appearance which adds a historic and organics warmth to the built surroundings.

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Interior and design

We have a small range of selected and ready made brand products. However, design and interior with our materials are just as much the opportunity for clients and designers to develop individual solutions. The whole stems of wood add the beauty of the New Nordic design to the surroundings.

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